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Subaru EyeSight in Dieppe, NB

Subaru EyeSight

Subaru offers the proprietary EyeSight Driver Assist Technology for the latest models in North America. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, this signature safety suite can decrease the occurrence of rear-end collisions by up to 85 percent. The EyeSight suite is also synced with the digital instrument cluster. Drivers might receive immediate audible and visual alerts when there is a heightened risk of a crash or another type of hazardous situation. The EyeSight Driver Assist Technology uses a combination of high-resolution cameras, radar sensors and other precise devices for monitoring other vehicles, pedestrians, animals and obstacles. Below, you will find additional details on some of the most advanced features from Subaru's patented active safety suite.

Adaptive Cruise Control

You can manually adjust the distance settings for the Adaptive Cruise Control from EyeSight Driver Assist. Using switches and buttons on the steering wheel, you will precisely select the desired operational metrics for the ACC. When traffic slows down or speeds up, this advanced driving aid will adjust your speed accordingly.

Pre-Collision Braking

When a front-end collision is imminent with another car that's ahead of you, the Pre-Collision Braking will instantly engage the brakes. If necessary, the PCB will bring you to a complete stop on the road. You will also receive warnings in the instrument cluster when this automatic braking function comes on.

Pre-Collision Throttle Management

By reducing the output from the BOXER engine block, the Pre-Collision Throttle Management can help you avoid an accident with another vehicle that's in front. This innovative technology may also reduce the total distance for an emergency stop on the road. The PCTM function is ideal for navigating urban streets with unpredictable traffic flow.

Lane Departure and Sway Warning

Using sensors to monitor lane markings on the road, the Lane Departure Warning identifies the slightest drifting. You will receive notifications from the Sway Warning when you unintentionally move into another lane.

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