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Detail your Subaru

Subaru of Moncton offers a car detailing service that will enhance the appearance of your vehicle. In addition to restoring the natural shine of your car, our aesthetics department will help you maximize its overall condition.

The resale value of a vehicle well maintained by our technicians is much greater. We perform all kinds of work such as paint touch ups, interior and exterior wash, body work and more. Ask about our aesthetic services at very competitive prices.

Rest assured that our service is very professional and courteous. Subaru of Moncton’s commitment is to satisfy you and give you back your vehicle in excellent aesthetic and mechanical condition.

Contact a member of our team now to make an appointment at your Subaru of Moncton dealer.


Services Include:

Shampoo Carpets Deoderize Interior
Vacuum Interior Clean Leather/Vinyl
Vacuum Trunk/Hatch Dash/Ashtray/Cup Holders
Wipe Dash/Console/panels Shampoo Mats
Inside Glass Plus More!