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Subaru of Moncton

1050 Aviation Ave, Dieppe, NB, E1A 9A3
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Dealership hours of operation
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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat - Sun closed

We Want Your Trade! We Will Buy Your Vehicle Even If You Don't Buy Ours. Value Your Trade Online Today.

Subaru of Moncton

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Subaru Tire Centre

Subaru of Moncton Tire and Wheel Center

Subaru of Moncton is the leading Subaru dealer around, having served the town's residents for many years. We have expanded our service areas to Moncton, Shediac, Bathurst, Riverview, and other nearby locations that include Amherst, Scotia Nova. We also offer a wide variety of both new and used Subaru vehicles introduced in the market with excellent performance. Visit our online portal to Schedule Subaru service and order genuine Subaru parts that include tires and wheels for your Subaru vehicle.

The Subaru Difference

Importance of Tire Safety

When To Replace Your Tires

Below we have outlined a few warning signs or factors that may indicate when your tires need service or replacement.


The age of manufactured products, especially motor vehicle parts, plays a significant role in the performance and tear rate. Tire experts and manufacturers advise replacing tires with over six years of use since manufacture and a maximum period of use of fewer than ten years. The date of manufacture is mostly fixed on the side of the tire. Look for the date and calculate the age of your tire.


A tire mostly bulges after repeated contact with potholes. The brand or quality of the tires also contributes significantly to the probability of a bulge. Experts explain a bulge to be a result of an air pocket easily prone to burst, which may lead to a car accident. Frequent assessment of your tire health is recommended to avoid such errors.

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Depth of the Tire Tread

Tire experts explain the extent of tires being worn out to the depth of 2/32nds inch. Mostly, a tread gauge is preferred to measure the tread depth. However, using a coin such as a penny could come in handy if there is an immediate need to assess the depth of your tire tread.

Ensure the vehicle is in the Park Position, and the handbrake is on. Take a penny coin and insert it inside the tire tread with the coin's head inside the track. If you can see the top of the head on your coin, then the tread is not deep enough, and you should replace the tire.


Tires get exposed to all types of weather conditions such as snow, heat, and water. This exposure increases the development of cracks on the material used to construct your tires. At your scheduled service appointment, be sure to ask our factory-trained technicians to check your tires for signs of cracks on the tire walls or tread blocks. Any sign of damage due to cracks is an indicator of the wheel's immediate replacement to prevent looming danger.

Tire Vibrations

Most drivers understand cruising down the highway as a smooth and enjoyable ride. However, vibrations emanating from the tires is an indication of tire issues like wheel balancing. Tire vibrations may be caused by such problems as separated inner cords or belts, leading to bumpy and uncomfortable drives at low-speed. The vibrations are more aggressive at high speeds.

A wheel balancing machine may detect separated tire belts more quickly and accurately than the naked eye. Confirmation of separated belts or cords ought to prompt replacement of the tire to provide a comfortable ride.

Winter Tires

Importance of Winter Tires vs Seasonal Tires

Most cars leave the factory fitted with all-season tires. The manufacturer's idea is to offer reliance and convenience to the car owner throughout the year. However, all-season tires do not perform appropriately during the winter seasons. They tend to skid or slide in extreme snow temperatures and may be hazardous on the road.

Winter tires are manufactured from unique rubber combined with other tire components specifically designed to grip the road during freezing temperatures and snowy road conditions. The tire's patterns and depth are designed along small grooves (sipes) to offer more traction on the road than any all-season tire could offer.

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If you are looking to purchase genuine Subaru parts, visit our Service Centre and Parts Centre to learn more about our offerings and order the parts you need online. You can also book a service appointment with us today through our webpage on a date and time convenient for you. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please speak to our Subaru technicians to find out which tire is best suited for your Subaru vehicle.


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