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Subaru Demo Vehicles for Sale in Dieppe, New Brunswick

The amount of vehicle options available to automotive consumers from Moncton, Shediac, Bathurst, Amherst, Nova Scotia, Riverview and surrounding areas of New Brunswick is vast. With over 100 different models from 35 brands, it has put some buyers in a bind. And to make things more interesting, demonstrator vehicles have become a popular choice among consumers. Demo vehicles combine the styling and technology of new vehicles while offering a lower price point. At Subaru of Moncton, we are pleased to offer an excellent inventory of new demo Subaru vehicles that come equipped with the latest technologies and legendary Subaru design language. Automotive consumers get the best of both worlds when they purchase demonstrator vehicles from Subaru of Moncton. Our demo inventory features vehicles such as the Ascent, Crosstrek, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, and Outback. You are welcome to browse our new inventory online as well or come and visit to say hello.

Subarus have long been known as one of the most reliable, technologically advanced, and capable vehicles on the road. The heart of Japanese engineering can be seen throughout Subaru's design language, with simplicity and convenience as its pillars. So it only makes sense to take advantage of demo vehicles at Moncton Subaru. Let's find out some more pertinent information regarding Subaru's and why so many automotive consumers have made it their brand of choice.

What is Subaru's bestselling vehicle?

The complete Subaru lineup features exceptional vehicles engineered and designed to withstand Canada's various climates. The perfect vehicle to take on the challenge and the brand's bestselling model in Canada is the Subaru Crosstrek. With its impressive range of technology features, fantastic fuel economy and exceptional off-road capabilities. The Crosstrek is built for Canada and Canadians.

Is Subaru as reliable as Toyota?

Since it entered the Canadian market, Subaru has always been known as one of the most reliable vehicles. Toyota, in its own right, has become an established brand known for its reliability and features. But some would be surprised to know that Subaru beat Toyota and Lexus models in the latest Driver Power survey. These results are taken from owners themselves as the Outback scores #2 in the top-10 most reliable models.

Is it a good idea to buy demo car?

Purchasing a demo car is always a good idea; not only do you get a current-generation model, but you also receive up-to-date technology and design. All of this is offered at a lower price point than the equivalent new vehicle.

How much discount do you get on a demo car?

It is hard to give a specific number because each vehicle has a different base MSRP as this is a factor in its final price. Also, demo pricing will be different because of their mileage, condition, and accessories. After taking all of these into consideration, you will have a more accurate price range. Contact us, and one of our sales consultants with the assistance of our finance centre will help get you the correct numbers.

What does it mean if a car is a demo?

The word demo car should not scare you. Demo vehicles are typically new generation models with a maximum of 10,000 kilometres. They are driven by either dealership employees, corporate employees or used in the various corporate departments like marketing and public relations. They have all the latest features and technology as well.

What is the difference between a used car and a demo car?

At Moncton Subaru we have a great selection of used vehicles in our inventory. Each vehicle is hand-selected and meets only our most stringent vehicle condition requirements. You can rest assured that a used vehicle from our inventory will provide you with a great automotive ownership experience. A big question arises, what's the difference between a used vehicle and a demo? Well, the simple answer is used vehicles are usually older, whereas a demo is a current-generation model. A demo will offer you all the latest technology, design, and features.

At Subaru of Moncton, we are your number one choice for new, used, and demo vehicles. Our customer-first approach allows us to cater to all your needs and wants. Find out why we are the best! Hope to see you soon.