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2022 Subaru Models for Sale in Dieppe, NB

Used Car Dealer in New Brunswick

Automotive consumers have an abundance of choices if they are in the market for a new vehicle. The Canadian market offers over 30 manufacturers and more than 100 models, all with the latest technology and features. For consumers that are looking for something else, there is another option. At Subaru of Moncton, we have a fantastic inventory of pre-owned Subaru models for sale as well as many off makes. Please browse our Used Vehicle inventory online in-store and find the perfect vehicle that fits your needs.

There are many questions consumers have when purchasing a used vehicle; rightly so. The used car market can be one of many twists and turns. At Subaru of Moncton, we want to take the guessing game out of the process. We hand-pick our used vehicles and offer most of them certified pre-owned or certified. This should give you the peace of mind you are acquiring a great vehicle. However, some questions may still arise; below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Why you should buy a used car?

Used cars offer the best of both worlds; a mode of transportation but at a lesser cost. If your budget does not include a new vehicle, a used vehicle is the best option. Some may come equipped with a lot of the technology and features found in new vehicles.

What are 3 advantages of buying a used car?

There are many advantages of purchasing a used vehicle; below, you will find the top 3.

  • They Cost Less

The cost of a used vehicle can be considerably less, and that is perfect for budget-minded customers.

  • Less Depreciation

Used vehicles have already taken on the majority of their depreciation. In the long run, this could be a better investment.

  • Lower Insurance

Used vehicles will offer lower insurance premiums.

What are the disadvantages of buying a used car?

  • Already Built

You won't be able to package the vehicle you want. It is already built.

  • Warranty

Depending on how old a used vehicle is, there may not be any warranty remaining.

Financing Options Limited

Though used vehicles do have financing options, they don't have as many as new vehicles.

Our Subaru Inventory in Dieppe, New Brunswick

Are you looking for a used Subaru to purchase? If yes, we have an inventory of pre-owned Subaru models, and you should look out for it. The Subaru models in our showrooms include:


The Outback is an exceptional vehicle that offers practicality, enhanced safety, and comfort. The base trim level features the latest technologies, warranty, and convenience, similar to what an SUV provides. Outback


The Ascent is a mid-sized SUV that boasts of advanced safety features, plenty of space, fuel economy, and excellent off-road capabilities. The model features standard all-wheel-drive that enhances its stability even on loose or slippery surfaces. Ascent


The Crosstrek is a competent subcompact SUV that is ideal for drivers looking for a spacious vehicle. It features the latest technologies, offers extended warranties, and you will never go wrong with it. Crosstrek


The Forester is one of the bestselling Subaru compact SUVs. It features a spacious cabin, comes with the latest safety features and plenty of cargo space. The Forester combines quality and value for money. Extra features include alloy wheels, panoramic sunroof, and heated front seats, and raised roof rails.



The Impreza is a fantastic family car that comes with the latest safety features. In recent years, the vehicle has experienced many improvements to make it one of the most comfortable and efficient family cars. As an economical car, the car is also suitable for urban commuting. The vehicle comes with an asymmetrical AWD feature and is spacious. It also has numerous user-friendly controls.



The legacy features a large trunk, advanced driver-assistance technology, and an all-wheel-drive transmission system. A turbo engine is also available for high trim levels. With its advanced features, the legacy will make your in city commuting comfortable and highly economical. It also offers great interior space and luggage space.


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